What is Freedom 35?

Wherein we explain the origins of this hopefully catchy blog title

Imagine Freedom 55 they used to say. It may have something to do with being a kid in Canada in the 80s, but that slogan stuck with me. Fast forward a few decades, and it seems that optimistic idea is so 1980s.

Watching those commercials now, they do seem a bit dated. This is the year 2015, and we have to be more realistic: retiring at fifty-five just doesn’t work for most people, and it definitely doesn’t for us.

Our goal is Freedom 35: Financial Independence and Early Retirement by the time we’re thirty-five (or younger). If this sounds ridiculous, it shouldn’t: the Internet is full of examples of “ordinary” people who retired even earlier and some who have been doing so successfully for decades.

So Why Yet Another Personal Finance Blog?

The blog was created at the DJ’s suggestion, probably because she wisely knows I need projects to keep me busy. I want to do more writing, and there a few technologies I want to learn more about, which won’t happen if I don’t have a reason to. As long as the learning happens and the writing stays fun, we’ll consider the blogging experience successful, even with no readers. If you happened to stumble across this blog, it would be great to hear who you are, how you found us, and what you’d like to see here.

We don’t mean to retread ground that is covered in many others places already and probably far better. Our main goals are to document our journey down this path, hold ourselves accountable, and write about anything we find interesting and fun on the way. I hope you will join us.

Freedom on a Beach

It’s a beautiful world out there, all the motivation needed for financial freedom. Photo Credit: The DJ


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  1. I also remember Fredoom 55! Freedom 35 is much better though. 🙂

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