September 2015 Expenses

September was filled with fun, exploration, and quality family time. What more can one ask for?!

Our luxury car transported 4 adults, a baby, two dogs, and all our camping gear.

Our luxury car easily transported 4 adults, a baby, two dogs, and all our camping gear.

We were hosting family for the month and went camping along California’s Central Coast. It was the Little Man’s first time camping, and he fared well! It was a nice, affordable, and fun break from the daily routine. Having family over for most of September was helpful from a free childcare point of view (thanks suckers) but seems to have  increased our grocery and dining out expenses.

Some of you have asked about keeping spending low despite having a baby (and two dogs). The period of minimal to no child related expenses has come to an end. With both our parental leaves ending, and having exhausted the supply of gullible loving family, we came to the unfortunate realization that you can’t leave an eight month old human at home alone (I could swear we did that with the dog at that age..). It was onto plan B: daycare. Plan A had been to teach the dogs how to watch a baby. Due to our dogs’ apparent limited child rearing ability, paid childcare is now a line item on our expenses.

Speaking of the dogs, the other dependents were due for their annual check-ups and vaccinations so it was an expensive month all around for the small mammals running around the house. On a positive note, we had another DIY grooming session with both dogs, sorely needed after camping, and it was a success.

The MC enjoyed a stroll through NYC Central Park

The MC enjoyed a stroll through NYC’s Central Park

Dehydrating fruit from our garden

Dehydrating fruit from our garden

The MC indulged quite a bit last month. From buying a dehydrator to gallivanting around Manhattan for an unexpected weekend trip. It was a mostly expenses paid trip with transportation and accommodation covered, so it was hard to turn down, however, food and drink were additional expenses out of pocket.

Here are the details behind our September spending:

Category Spending Details
Mortgage $1,793 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $145 $81 – Weekend in NYC
$60 – Taxes and fees on airfare for an upcoming trip to visit family and friends
$4 – Minimum spending for credit card bonus
Health & Fitness $20 Allergy meds
Groceries $329 Grocery spending with two more mouths to feed for most of the month
Restaurants & Take-Out $152 We dined out more than usual while hosting two extra adults
Transportation $285 $149 – Vehicle registration renewal
$43 – Parking ticket (:O). Cars…
$92 – Gas was more than usual due to a camping trip over labor day weekend
Bills & Utilities $139 $34 – Gas & Electric
$38 – Waste, Recycle
$69 – Internet
Heir Care $1,054 Childcare – $925
A Very Little Passport – $106
Misc. items gearing up for daycare (pacifier, wipes, lunch tupperware) – $23
Fur Care $347 Annual check-up, vaccines, heartworm, etc
Shopping $149 $140 – Dehydrator on craigslist
$9 – Eagle creek pack. We love this stuff for travel.
Other $0  –
Total ~$4,400 A little higher than we like it, but it was a good month overall.
Spending Minus Mortgage
~$2,600 Variable spending for the month

After the relatively high expenses this month, we’re left with a 80% savings rate (83% if you count mortgage principal as savings). September was an expensive month, but at least it included a whole lot of fun!

A beautiful sunset over Morro Bay.

A beautiful sunset over Morro Bay.

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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  1. Haha — If only dogs could care for kids, clean up after themselves, and maybe even contribute some side hustle income. Earn their keep, for a change! 🙂 I’m amazed, as usual, at your low expenses, especially during the MC’s NYC visit! Sounds like you guys had a great September — hope you’re coping well with the end of parental leave!

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