October 2015 Expenses

We took a a quick trip up north this month - airfare paid for by work and points!

A quick trip up north this month – airfare paid for by work and points!

October has come and gone, and with it another month of expenses. Large one time costs and fun things going on in our life drove up our spending:

  • Quitting means no more work paid cell phones and plan. We’re going to use a combination Airvoice prepaid & monthly plans for now while we figure that out
    • New jobs meant a bit more commuting and travel costs. We’re working on trimming this down by taking advantage of working from home more often.
  • More travel costs. We tried to optimize by combining personal and work travel for one of us,  while the other used points to fly for (almost) free.
    • Travel abroad meant we found out the passport photo trick that worked so well for US passports failed spectacularly for Canadian passports as Ms. Canadian Expat predicted. If we were cynical we’d call this an example of regulatory capture on the part of the Canadian photo studio industrial complex.
  • After repeated calling, our Cable company agreed to lower our Internet bill by treating us as new customers. I have no idea how this system works, it’s like phone roulette.
  • The first full month of daycare now means that we have a second large non-discretionary expense
  • Speaking of non-discretionary expenses, property taxes came due…
  • On a lighter note: An informal clothes shopping ban going on almost two years was ended by a thrift store encounter gone wrong leading to two (lovely) dresses.

Without further ado:

Category Spending Details
Housing $1,793
Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Semi-annual property tax
Travel $480 $87 – Airfare for a future travel
$224 – Passport + passport photos
$169 – Trip to Toronto
Health & Fitness $132 Taking last minute advantage of old health plans for boring medical stuff
Groceries $223 Our grocery spending was lower as a result of being out of town for a week
Restaurants & Take-Out $47 One work lunch with new coworkers
A few times  eating and drinking with old and new friends
Transportation $71 Gas – boo to commuting
Bills & Utilities $156 $75 – Water
$18 – Gas, Electric
$39 – Internet
$24 – new sim cards + prepaid load
Heir Care $1,275 $1,200 – Childcare
$75 – Children’s Consignment sale stocking up for the next 6 months
Fur Care $115 Heartworm + flea medication
Shopping $178 $158 – iPhone 6s (this was a splurge)
$20 – Clothes
Other $30 $20 – Gifts
$10 – Parking at a beautiful state park
Total ~$8,100 Another month of extravagant spending
Discretionary Spending ~$1,500 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

After a month of high expenses, we’re left with a 63% savings rate (67% if you count mortgage principal as savings). Once again, this includes the one time lump sum property tax payment we made. October was an expensive, but fun, month!

Childcare is our second largest non-discretionary monthly expense

Childcare: a new non-discretionary monthly expense

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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6 Responses

  1. Interested in learning more about the new jobs. Can’t really do to much with regards to property taxes or heir care. Great month!

  2. Have fun ‘up north’! 🙂 Maybe one day we can meet in our fair city if our visits collide!

    About the Canadian passport photos, your cheaper method *may* work if you get your passport from a Canadian consulate outside of Canada. But then it’s not really cheaper since the cost of renewing your passport outside of Canada is significantly more than applying from within. *sigh*

  3. New jobs?! Do tell! Did you have them lined up before you quit the old ones? Sounds like an exciting time for you guys. Hope all is well!

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