November 2015 Expenses

Thanksgiving weekend in Mexico

Coming to the end of 2015, we’re doing some housekeeping and catching up on reviewing our expenses. Feel free to skip the dated posts; it was important to our goals of keeping ourselves accountable to force us to go over and review everything. As for why we didn’t do it sooner, we’d say it’s because we got busy with a vacation to Mexico, but mainly we got lazy and put it off.

Without further ado:

Category Spending Details
Housing $1,800 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $146 $95 – Annual fee on our Chase Ink Plus card that allows us to transfer rewards to airlines and hotels
$51 – Vising Puerto Vallarta, MX
Health & Fitness $0
Groceries $165 Our grocery spending was lower as a result of being out of town for a week
Restaurants & Take-Out $0 Woo hoo! We went a whole month without eating out!
Transportation $61 Gas – more commuting
Bills & Utilities $127 $38 – Recycle, waste
$31 – Gas, Electric
$48 – Internet
$10 – prepaid load for cell phone
Heir Care $1,230 $1,200 – Childcare
$30 – disposable diapers and wipes for travel
Fur Care $0
Shopping $0
Other $81 $12 – alcohol
$69 – soccer league membership fee for The DJ
Total ~$3,610
Discretionary Spending ~$610 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

November was a month of exceptionally low expenses, leading to an 85% savings rate (88% if you count mortgage principal as savings). Not bad for having spent a good chunk of time on a tropical vacation. Maybe we should do that more often…

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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3 Responses

  1. You had a great month and it’s nice to see how excited you are about not eating out. Eating out can literally “eat up the budget” so we do it sparingly, if ever. Well done.

    • The DJ says:

      Thanks, CBB! In the past, we have been known to splurge quite a bit on eating out, but have found that cutting back has not necessarily made us miss out on anything. We will eat out when we Travel, but when at home, we enjoy experimenting with making our own dishes.

  2. You guys killed it! Crazy good job.

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