May 2016 Expenses

Scenic drive through Napa Valley

Scenic drive through Napa Valley

Wow, times flies: We’re half way through the year! We’ve gotten a bit behind on monitoring our expenses with everything going on in our lives, but I didn’t want to let this habit slip just yet. I finally sat down to take a look at how we did last month, and here are the highlights:

  • Technically, we’re renters again. Our monthly housing expenses seem higher, but it works out to the same when you account for lack of property taxes.
  • We took a quick weekend getaway to Napa Valley, mostly funded with hotel points. Since we like mixing business and pleasure, we looked at some recreational vehicles along the way (more on this to come later)
  • No other major surprises this month, which kept our discretionary spending very low

Now onto the details behind our spending:

Category Spending Details
Housing $2,100 Rent (minus home insurance refund after selling the house)
Travel $98 $23 – Gas to visit Napa
$75 – Annual fee on credit card obtained for hotel points (Hilton HHonors Surpass)
Health & Fitness $36 Allergies and germs from daycare are getting us more sick than usual
Groceries $243 Regular groceries plus few larger Costco bulk purchases
Restaurants & Take-Out $18 Meals and drinks with good company
Transportation $65 Gas
Bills & Utilities $140 $34 – Gas, Electric, received a rebate from our utility company
$38 – Trash and recycle
$45 – Internet
$23 – Mobile phone
Heir Care $1,220 $1,200 – Childcare
$20 – Little man needed some summer attire and was out-growing his current clothes
Fur Care $28 Dog food
Shopping $0
Other $0
Total ~$4,000
Discretionary Spending ~$700 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

Our expenses were on the lower end this month (excluding housing and childcare)…. We achieved a 78% savings rate. 

Hmm now if only there were a way to remove housing and child care expenses… 🙂

We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi! I’d love just kind of an overall update from you guys — you’ve had so much change with jobs and home that I’ve lost track of what you’re doing, where you’re living, etc. 🙂

  2. zeejaythorne says:

    That is an amazing savings rate. I’m glad that you figured out what housing situation was best for your family.

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