Leveling Up Our Frugality


The best things (and views) in life are free. Photo Credit: The DJ

We’re setting ourselves a challenge: Reduce our spending while maintaining or increasing our quality of life!

I know we said this is not a blog about frugality, but that was the MC talking. He thinks our current spending is as low as we can easily go. I think we can do better without any sacrifice. Now we just have to figure out what we are currently spending money on that can be eliminated or substituted, while still living the life we want to live. Worst case, we will keep spending at our current levels and enjoying life; best case, we will get closer to our goals, enjoy life even more, and it will mean I was right! We won’t know if we don’t try!

The first step in this (on-going) challenge is going to be keeping closer tabs on where our money goes. We’ve been a little lackadaisical with this lately, reviewing the rough totals every month or so and only looking at individual purchases in detail when we did our quarterly update. This is going to change. We are going to examine our spending more regularly and with more granularity. This means you, our readers (if any) can look forward to monthly  spending updates. One of our goals with starting a blog was to keep our selves accountable, and it looks like that is working. This will be fun.. ok maybe I have a strange definition of fun.

The second step is being more cognizant of the financial impacts of purchases and decisions at the time they happen. (No more sleeping in and using that as an excuse to drive the car to work.. better to sleep in, have a relaxing bike ride and meander into the office late right?). This is the part the MC is looking forward to. There is no waste to examine later if you catch it before it happens.

Where do you think we can make spending changes that would improve our lives?

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4 Responses

  1. What your trying achieve can be done and it’s great that you both have the same vision for your plan. Just because your frugal doesn’t mean you have to live like below your privilege. Good luck!

    • The DJ says:

      Thanks, Petrish! It sure does help to have a partner who shares the same goals and vision as you (although we can have our disagreements at times). I am looking forward to tracking our spending more frequently and seeing how and where we can reduce. I have some ideas and have already starting implementing them, but we will see at month’s end if it makes a difference!

  2. It’s neat what a few tweaks in spending can do over the long haul, and how little you miss it if you structure your lifestyle accordingly. That’s what I say to my husband, because he also thinks we’re as frugal as we can go. I still think we can make adjustments, but I have to chill out about it so as not to stress the hubs! 🙂

  3. It’s great you are doing this! We’re trying to answer the same question for ourselves and recently instituted an informal shopping ban to help level up our saving (to use your words). If you figure out any secret money vampires in your search, please share ’em!

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