June 2016 Expenses

Little Dog Walker

Our new dog walker is a little slow, but he works for free ūüôā

Summer is in full swing and the weather is still perfect here on the West coast – no humidity, no bugs, no surprise storms…why are we moving again? Anyway, it’s that time of the month again: how much money did we spend and where did it go? Here are some highlights from last month:

  • We bought a¬†new home RV¬†and had¬†associated extra fees: gas, DMV registration
  • Bills for checkups for the little man are catching up with us, as are the germs he passes on
  • Forgot to keep on top of our car battery, and it died at an inopportune time. Oopsy
  • We indulged in some clothes and shoe shopping, and pre-purchased house cleaning while it was on sale for the next time we are too lazy¬†busy to clean the house

Now onto the numbers:

Category Spending Details
Housing $2,400 Rent
Travel $0
Health & Fitness $184 Boring stuff: Doctor’s visit fees and medication
Groceries $250 Groceries spending was reasonable this month
Restaurants & Take-Out $12 Drinks with a new friend
Transportation $250 $80 РRegular Gas
$170 – New battery for the car
Bills & Utilities $157 $22 – Gas, Electric
$67 –¬†Water
$45 – Internet
$23 – Mobile phone
Heir Care $1,223 $1,200 – Childcare
$23 –¬†disposable diapers for daycare
Fur Care $106 Heartworm/flea medication
Shopping $100 $49 – New sandals / water shoes
$29 РPre purchased a discount house cleaning for future use
$15 – Personal Website fees
$7 – Summer clothing
Minnie Expenses $6,195 $6,000 – New Minnie Home
$105 – Minnie Registration
$50 – Minnie Insurance
$40 – Minnie Gas
Other $24 Beer
Total ~$10,901 Wowzers!!
Discretionary Spending ~$7,301 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing, childcare)

We achieved a 37% savings rate. Despite this dip in savings last month, we are averaging a 70%+ for the year. More on that in our Q2 update that will be coming out shortly. Stay tuned!

We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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  1. zeejaythorne says:

    It’s amazing that a 37% savings rate is low for you. I’m so glad to read your updates for inspiration.

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