June 2015 Expenses

Life’s a beach! Colorful and sunny.

June has come and gone, and just like that half the year is behind us! The past month was relatively quiet at the Freedom 35 household: After a May of merry-making elsewhere, we got to spend June closer to home, lollygagging about and enjoying all the wonderful things our beautiful corner of the world has to offer.

The end of June might also mark the end of fun little routines, as The DJ’s time off came to an end (for now?), and The MC is just starting his (hopefully everyone survives).

Aside from the usual and changing routine, we found some time for fun (and food) with friends: Hosting a couple meals with good conversation and hopefully good food; soaking in some sun at the nearby beach with new friends while taking advantage of a company perk to enjoy some free BBQ and activities there.

As promised, we finally tackled trimming the dogs’ hair by ourselves. It wasn’t too bad at all, a good learning experience, and fun for all involved (except maybe the dog, but he can complain about it on his own blog). Expect a post upcoming on the process and what we learned.

We still have a little while to go before we master all grooming tasks our selves, but we feel pretty good about having hair clipping under our belt. The lack of associated grooming costs will probably also be a nice change in our expenses.

Speaking of expenses… let’s see how we did this month!

Category Spending Details
Mortgage $1,793 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $75 Annual fee for a travel reward credit card (we like to count costs associated with rewards card in the category we plan to redeem the reward for)
Health & Fitness $53 Allergy medication
Groceries $295 Hosting friends for a couple brunches and dinners made grocery spending slightly higher than the past months
Restaurants & Take-Out $0 100% food spending on groceries this month, no dining out expenses! Even we are surprised.
Transportation $30 $22 – Gas for our luxury car
$7.50 – Parking at the beach (2/3 of us were too lazy to walk the extra mile for cheaper parking 🙁
Bills & Utilities $157 $29 – Gas & Electric
$64 – Water
$64 – Internet
Heir Care $0 The Little Man was low maintenance this month
Fur Care $110 Heart worm and flea medication. We’ve been using Revolution brand (Rx required) forever, and never remember to check alternatives until we run out.
Shopping $41 $35 – Electric Pressure Cooker (from Craigslist.. slightly reduced price :))
$4.90 – Stamps, because sometimes email doesn’t work (like when you travel back in time)
$1 – Sponges, the kind for cleaning, not the fun kind
Other $15 Personal website hosting
Total ~$2,570 Well below our monthly spending goals, whatever those are.
Spending Minus Mortgage
~$775 Variable spending for the month

Another great month of spending! We had a 74% savings rate (81% if you count mortgage principal as savings). Despite the low spending we had a month filled with lots of fun and found ourselves kept busy and entertained at all times, as we generally do.

As for that pressure cooker, what can we say, we have a weakness for Craigslist deals, gadgets, and small kitchen appliances. Let’s see if this pays off.

Something that we never seem to think about in time is that we’ve always been using the same flea and heart worm preventative, mainly out of inertia. It’s prescription only and also seems on the expensive side compared to alternatives. It might be worth doing some research (and checking with the vet) to see if there is an alternative that works just as well and is more readily, and cheaply, available. If not, at least we’ll know we’re using the right medication for the right reasons, not because that is what we have always done. What does everyone else use?

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our soon to be released quarterly update.

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5 Responses

  1. It’s hard to believe how low your grocery expenses are, especially since you live in California and didn’t go out to eat at all — and you have a baby! Wow. Nice work, you guys. You’ll definitely get to FI by your optimistic date (NOT 2020) at this pace. 🙂

    • The MC says:

      Groceries were one area we did consciously look at, especially because for a little while we were getting more waste both in terms of money and spoiled produce then we were comfortable with.
      The secret for us turned out to be that I can’t be trusted. at least without a list! The grocery store that we like is located between my work and home, so it’s very convenient for me to drop by. The day their flyer comes out, The DJ prepares a list of what we need and whats on sale, so we end up only shopping their loss leaders, and not buying things we won’t use.

  2. Mrs. Pomodoro says:

    Didn’t know you have a blog. 🙂

    We looked into flea/tick/heartworm medication awhile back and settled on getting the same prescription brand (Frontline) from amazon for large dogs. The price of these packages are oddly the same regardless of the size of each tube, and each big tube can last us 3 months. It’s a bit messy when we’re figuring out how to apply it but now we have a good routine using old syringes. At the time Frontline is the only one with tick prevention and our area does have ticks. We also see Frontline at Costco from time to time. For Heartworm medication we found a mail-order subscription program thru our vet and get 10% off. Haven’t found better options yet.

    • The MC says:

      So you get the larger size and then portion it out into the sizes you need? That’s an interesting option, I hadn’t considered that.. I guess it would be messy 🙂

      • Mrs. Pomodoro says:

        We can totally show you how we do it when there’s a chance. I’m an expert now! Mr. P will be very happy that I let go some syringes I’m hoarding…

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