Joy of Bike Commuting: Lost Dog and Traffic Edition

A bicycle does get you there and more…. And there is always the thin edge of danger to keep you alert and comfortably apprehensive. Dogs become dogs again and snap at your raincoat; potholes become personal. And getting there is all the fun.

A fun and helpful detour today, nothing quite as dramatic as the above quote would suggest. I was riding along to work on my usual route, a trail running next to a creek with no traffic lights or stop signs (commuting is hard but somebody has to do it). A dog passed me going the other way with no one following, strangely enough. Next underpass and I come across a lost dog poster with a now familiar face.


Google View Street View of the trail and creek

A quick turn around while calling the owner and I get to follow a lost and scared dog for a few blocks and discover some new neighborhoods while the owner tries to catch up to where we are. Good news is that a dog named Toby is reunited with his owner, I got to get a little more cycling in, and I got to help an animal who crossed my path instead of idly running it over.

Obligatory road kill comics:


Afternoon on the same route, and a different interesting sight: A wide open and relatively scenic bike route next to five plus lanes of traffic just standing  still.


Scenic bike route or stop and go traffic. Decisions, decisions..

One more obligatory comic:

Life imitates art

The city needs a car like a fish needs a bicycle

2 Responses

  1. You are a good human being for making sure that dog got back home! And do people use that lovely, scenic bike path? Or does it stay as empty as it looks in your photo?

    • The MC says:

      Thank you. The path does get some use, but not as much as that traffic filled road. I’ve noticed it’s mostly filled with mid day joggers and walkers. Seems we are better at using our bodies for recreation instead of transportation.

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