January 2016 Expenses


Started the year with The Little Man’s first birthday celebrations. Fancy two tier cake made from scratch by yours truly. Can you guess what the decorations are?

Happy 2016 everyone! It’s been a great start to the year for the Freedom35 family. Here is a quick recap of the first month of the year:

  • It’s been one year since we started the blog. We’ve had a lot of fun writing, keeping our selves accountable, learning new things, and meeting like minded people.
  • The Little Man celebrated his first birthday, which we used as an excuse to tally up first year baby costs. We then proceeded to incur unexpected expenses to start the second year of child raising. Including a set of disposable diapers. Those suckers add up in cost fast.
  • Dog’s hair continue to be groomed by us but we haven’t ventured to nail trimming. We just happened to pick up a free set of nail trimmers from Freecycle and will try that out ourselves next!
  • We spent more time on the weekends having fun making bulk meals which has significantly reduced worrying about dinners during the week. An excuse to get more reusable containers?

Some of the many home cooked meals we spent our Sundays doing

Now onto the details behind our spending:

Category Spending Details
Housing $1,800 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $80 Annual fee on credit cards with sign-up bonus for airline miles
Health & Fitness $25 Dealing with bad diaper rash
Groceries $287 Our grocery spending was average
Restaurants & Take-Out $8 $8 – Enjoyed drinks while hanging out with friends
Transportation $100 Gas – the commuting continues, hopefully not for too much longer…
Bills & Utilities $165 $79 – Gas, Electric (it’s been cold by our standards)
$38 – Garbage, Recycle
$48 – Internet
Heir Care $1,241 $1,200 – Childcare
$41 – Disposable diapers
Fur Care $75 $30 – Nail trimming
$45 – Food + treats
Shopping $27 Tupperware
Other $28 Fi35.com hosting fees
Total ~$3,836
Discretionary Spending ~$836 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

Our expenses in December were on par with our average for the year, leaving us with an 83% savings rate (86% if you count mortgage principal as savings). The savings rate is a little artificially inflated, since we decided to both front load our 401(k)s as much as possible, so we’re having much less tax withheld for now.

An excellent start to the year if I say so myself. Let’s hope the rest of the year continues in this trend!

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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