Goal and Values

My two dogs
WaitingAtWindow tied to a tree
by a ten-foot leash
kept howling and whining for an hour
till I let them off.

Now they are lying quietly on the grass
a few feet further from the tree
and they haven’t moved at all since I let them go.

Freedom may be
only an idea
but it’s a matter of principle
even to a dog.

Louis Dudek

Freedom. That’s what this is about. Free as in speech, not beer:

  • Freedom to craft our days and spend our time as we desire
  • Freedom to explore:
    • New places
    • New people
    • New ideas
  • Freedom to be bold
    • What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money (achievement unlocked)


Freedom, as they say, isn’t free, and with great power comes great responsibility. We’re not going crazy, we’re simply trying to maximize value and minimize waste:

  • Maximize value:
    • Quality
    • Experiences not things
    • Relationships and good company are priceless
  • Minimizing Waste
    • Be mindful of how we spend our time and money
    • Realize the impact of our decisions: It’s not always easy, or cheap, being green, but it can be fun.
  • Challenge ourselves to keep improving









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