February 2016 Expenses

Yard work

Rain and sunshine means more weeds….DIY yard work keep expenses low and is fun and therapeutic.

It’s been quite the interesting few weeks at the Freedom35 household. As a result, I have been behind in some expense tracking and reporting.  Nevertheless, here is a quick recap of our spending in February:

  • February brought some one-time large payments (auto and home insurance premiums)
  • Started planning for a potential move and used the opportunity to go on a pantry purge and sell a lot unused stuff, freeing some space and netting~$500 in the process

Now onto the details behind our spending:

Category Spending Details
Housing $2,131 $1800 – Mortgage: Principal and Interest
$331 – Home insurance
Travel $67 $11.20 – Taxes and fees on flight award ticket
$50 – Supplies for a silly contest that netted me over 100K between the both of us in hotel points
$4 – Fees associated with meeting minimum spending on credit card for signup bonus
Health & Fitness $12 Allergy meds
Groceries $170 Our grocery spending was much lower than usual…thanks to the pantry purge.
Restaurants & Take-Out $2 Splurging on work lunch
Transportation $329 $228 – Auto insurance
$75 – Gas – more commuting
$15 – Oil Change
$10 – Parking fees at a State Park
Bills & Utilities $162 $48.70 – Gas, Electric
$70.64 – Water
$43.28 – Internet
Heir Care $1,252 $1,225 – Childcare
$28 – Disposable diapers, infant life vest, crap for Valentine’s day for daycare
Fur Care $0 The dogs were low maintenance this month
Shopping $1 Bought a cheap iPhone charger as backup
Other $39 Alcohol & Bars
Total ~$4,200
Discretionary Spending ~$800 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

Our expenses were on par with our recent spending, we’re falling into a nice groove (getting too comfortable?). We achieved an 80% savings rate (83% if you count mortgage principal as savings). The savings rate might be artificially inflated, since we are both front loading our 401(k)s as much as possible. That’s now two months in a row where our savings rate was more than 80%. Let’s see if we can keep the trend going!

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