December 2015 Expenses

California Central Coast

The DJ and The Little Man taking in the view of California’s Central Coast

Continuing with late 2015 expense tracking housekeeping, our final month of expenses for the year, with a couple highlights

  • Cooler nights meant using a bit of heating. We saw the impact of it in our gas and electric bill
  • We took a fun Christmas road trip to visit California’s central coast. Christmas should be spent on a beach right?
  • The month is full of holidays which means spending time hanging out with friends and family and eating a lot of (homemade) food

Nitty gritty details behind our spending:

Category Spending Details
Housing $1,800 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $340  $90 – Food, gas, pet fee at hotel during a Christmas road trip
$250 – $500 of worth Airbnb gift cards for future use at 50% off thanks to Amex Offers
Health & Fitness $25  Allergy meds and baby Tylenol
Groceries $260 Our grocery spending was average
Restaurants & Take-Out $15 $6 – Drinks with coworkers
$9 – Enjoyed a fancy coffee and pastry while hanging out with old friends
Transportation $115 Gas – more commuting
Bills & Utilities $180 $66 – Gas, Electric (yikes! this is 2X our average)
$66 – Water
$48 – Internet
Heir Care $1,534 $1,500 – Childcare (paid an extra week)
$34 – Formula, diaper liners, wipes
Fur Care $116  Heartworm medication
Shopping $0
Other $0
Total ~$4,380
Discretionary Spending ~$1,085 Variable spending for the month (subtracting housing and childcare)

Our expenses in December were on par with our average for the year, leaving us with an 84% savings rate (87% if you count mortgage principal as savings). Our stretch goal is to target “discretionary spending” below $1000/month, so it is nice that we are able to do this while having a really fun month, but we have to work harder to meet it!

Next up, we will write our year-end review, where we track our progress towards Freedom 35. I’m excited to see where we stand on our updated estimated date towards financial independence!

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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2 Responses

  1. Lol, I love that you call it “heir care.” Your holiday spending seemed so low! Good for you and your family. I know my spending was much higher than usual all month.

    • The DJ says:

      Thanks, Mel! We didn’t have any holiday spending as we don’t exchange gifts. But I can see how that can be a major expense for most folks! Hope your holidays were great.

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