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Answering Job Interview Questions Honestly

Continuing the theme of getting a new job, I’ve scoured the best sources the Internet has to find the good answers to common interview questions. Here are honest answers, modified slightly for the prospective early-retiree. Q: What is your greatest strength as an employee? A: I am willing to perform services in exchange for currency Q: What is your greatest weakness? A1: I require shelter and calories to...


Why We Have a Luxury Car

Fun and Adventures with a Honda Fit The idea of the American love affair with the car may be more myth than history, one can hope. However, we aren’t immune; we: own a car, despite our hippy-ish values have one “small”: car, don’t spend much on it, and mainly use it for leisure. Having a reasonable sized car and not driving excessively helps us feel smug good about our...

How Much Does the Average American Spend

Wherein we try and make ourselves feel better about our levels of spending

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