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Are we on track to meet our financial independence and early retirement goals?

Six Months Jobless and Homeless: Financial Update

It’s been a bit more than half a year since we quit our jobs and took off in a brand new (to us) motorhome. We spent time in two countries, 18 US states & one Canadian province,...

Financial Update: Finally Free?

Been a while since posting a financial update or spending report. We have been busy with other stuff, quitting our jobs and moving into an RV for example; we also switched most of our spending in recent months...

Progress to Freedom 35: 2016 Q1 Update

Been too busy having fun to keep up with financial housekeeping (ok we got lazy), but catching up now with a belated post outlining where we stood financially at the end of March and how we...

Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Annual Update

Year end round up time: I thought I’d compare our financial situation over the last two years and see if tracking our expenses publicly and in more detail made a difference in helping us level up our...

Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Q3 Update

In the spirit of better late then never, here’s an update on how we are doing relative to our financial goals (numbers as of October 1st.).


Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Q2 Update

It’s time for our second quarterly update on how we are doing relative to our financial goals. Our first update surprised us, mainly in terms of how much we were spending. We set out to reduce...

Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Q1 Update

It looks like we did pretty well over the first quarter of the year, but it’s really a case of not much has changed. We tend to track our income, spending, and net worth changes...

Where Are We Now?

Wherein we reveal our personal financial details to the whole world

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