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Financial Update: Finally Free?

Been a while since posting a financial update or spending report. We have been busy with other stuff, quitting our jobs and moving into an RV for example; we also switched most of our spending in recent months to a credit card that Mint wouldn’t track (one of the lesser known perils of credit card churning) so had gotten behind on tracking expenses; mainly, we’ve been lazy and procrastinating. Right now seemed...

The Joy of Quitting: Brought to you by FU Money

We quit our jobs. We’re not pulling the plug on working or perusing early retirement even earlier (yet). We each decided it was a time for a change and to find jobs that would be more fun and fit into our lives better. This was one of those times that having FU money pays off well before being financially independent. It would be easy to find reasons why leaving well paying, secure, “prestigious”, etc etc. jobs isn’t...

I’m Ready To Retire

The few people I’ve told in real life about our early retirement plans often ask the same questions: “What took you down this path”, “Do you hate your job that much?”, “Do you want to spend more time with your children”, and my personal favorite, “Are you lazy?”. There wasn’t a single moment that brought us here, and to a certain extent we’ve been on this path for a while. Now we’re...

MC taking in the view at the Grand Canyon

I couldn’t have said it better myself: How much of your life are you selling off?

A few days ago, The DJ was doing some stealth proselytizing and asked me for a good introductory article on the topic of financial independence and early retirement. She meant something a bit more substantial than this post inspired by underpants gnomes. This led me to re-reading How much of your life are you selling off?

A Peek at Early Retirement

Due to the arrival of our little man, over the past few months I have been experiencing a taste of early retirement. Like many others down this journey, I wondered whether I would experience loneliness, worried about a steady stream of income, getting lazy (although I was good at this already), and if I would suffer from a feeling of not having a purpose in life while...

Why Retire at 35?

I’m pretty nonchalant about using Financial Independence and Early Retirement interchangeably. They aren’t the same thing of course, and achieving financial independence doesn’t mean you have to quit your job. However, as far as our goals are concerned, one leads to the other.

How We Plan To Retire Early

Personal finance demystifed in three easy steps

What is Freedom 35?

Wherein we explain the origins of this hopefully catchy blog title

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