Category: Backstory

We Sold our House

An unexpected series of events has offered us an opportunity, and we’ve decided to make the most of it, take the adventurous path, and figure out the rest as we go along. The upshot: we’ll probably be pulling...

Yet another vacation sunset

On Being OK With Losing Your Job

It has been an interesting few weeks full of decision making and changes. Much like the experience the Mad Fientist wrote about, it started with an invitation from my boss to talk that left me...

I’m Ready To Retire

The few people I’ve told in real life about our early retirement plans often ask the same questions: “What took you down this path”, “Do you hate your job that much?”, “Do you want to spend more time...

She’s the DJ, I’m the MC

Wherein I make up catchy nicknames and talk about relationships

What is Freedom 35?

Wherein we explain the origins of this hopefully catchy blog title

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