Binders and Passports Edition

We have a little write-up over at Canadian Budget Binder, so do go check it out, if you are so inclined.

Speaking of things Canadian, we’ve recently been getting our ducks in a row for travel to the home country. This involves getting a passport and requisite photo for the littlest traveler we know.

Last time we needed passport photos we did what might seem reasonable: go to a store that prints passport photos, have them take the picture, and wait around while they print it. For the privilege of getting passport photos that way, we were out $35 a person.

This time around, we tried something different: Using the appropriate app on one of our phones (ID PhotoPrint app in this case), we took the photo at home using a white sheet as a backdrop and it was auto-magically formatted to the right dimensions. We uploaded the photo electronically to the same store we used before, and they were printed and waiting to be picked up at our convenience. The main difference being, that from the stores point of view we were printing a standard 4 x 6 picture, not passport photos. The app puts the passport size photos onto a 4 x 6 format with lines on top for where you have to cut it. The total cost this time was 33 cents. The photo clerk was nice enough to cut the photos down to the right size for us along the guides so we didn’t have to experiment with the cutting part our selves.


Practicing taking photos with the app on our dog

Just a nice tip we thought might be interesting to anyone looking to get passport photos done.

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3 Responses

  1. Ditching The Grind says:

    Great idea! We need to update our passports next year. This sounds like a much better alternative than paying someone just to take a simple picture.

  2. Cool, I never thought about DIYing passport pictures. I guess I’m so used to having to get it done at a studio for that stamp at the back to verify your identity (seems to be a Canadian thing only though). Another benefit to doing your own pictures is that you can take time to get nicer shots, instead of settling on the awkward look the studio photographer got!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Canadian Budget Binder to share your blogging journey with my fans in the Making A Difference Feature series.

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