August 2015 Expenses

Red Building in Dallas

The DJ was on the road while The MC and The Little Man spent some quality time together

This was a fun and low spending month, the best kind, and a nice change from last month.

Nothing that interesting to report here: we had some awesome meals, some good times, good booze, snuck in another weekend escape to the mountains, and the budget wasn’t blown.

Here are the details behind our August spending:

Category Spending Details
Mortgage $1,793 Mortgage: Principal and Interest
Travel $104 $100 – Airfare for future trips
$4 – Fees from spending on credit card to meet minimum spending
Health & Fitness $7 Allergy meds
Groceries $254 The usual grocery spending
Restaurants & Take-Out $75 $13 – Road tripping junk food
$62 – Dinner (sushi!) with an old friend
Transportation $91 $38 – Smog test
$42 – Gas
$11 – Basket for The DJ’s bike, she has started to bike to work!
Bills & Utilities $180 $40 – Gas & Electric
$74 – Waste, Recycle
$66 – Internet
Heir Care $5 Baby gate from Craigslist
Fur Care $0 Grooming the dogs ourselves has kept this category low
Shopping $47 $19 – Phone charger replacement
$28 – Household items (laundry detergent, shampoo, etc.)
Other $37 $17 Intoxicants (beer)
$20 – The DJ got a hair cut at a salon school
Total ~$2,593 Love it when it’s below $3000!
Spending Minus Mortgage
~$800 Variable spending for the month

The low expenses this month left us with a 89% savings rate (92% if you count mortgage principal as savings). Craigslist continues to provide all the majority of child-rearing necessities and luxuries one could imagine and a simple used $11 bike basket from our local bike co-op has turned us into a two bicycle commuting family, and we are both enjoying it!

In terms of progress to our goals, apparently something has been happening with the markets and it has been great for tax purposes!

* We will track income, net worth, and progress towards Freedom 35 in our quarterly updates.

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4 Responses

  1. *ONLY* 92% savings rate? Come on guys, pick up the pace. 😉

    As usual, you continue to crush it. I’m sure you saw some declines from the market correction, though you probably did more of the tax loss harvesting than we did (since we did exactly zero), and are not too sad about it all. 🙂 Keep it up!

    • The MC says:

      Thanks. I was surprised by the number too. I made her check it two or three times. I think some of that has to do with our spending having reduced organically over the last few months as we were each on leave, spending time locked up with a baby, and enjoying the outdoors. Now that she is back at full income, our spending stayed kind of the same but the savings rate rockets.

      In conclusion, I highly recommend having a working partner to everyone 🙂

  2. Every time I read your expenses posts, I always find you both so “optimized”. It’s very inspiring!

    Congrats on biking to work DJ!

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