Monthly Archive: October 2015

Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Q3 Update

In the spirit of better late then never, here’s an update on how we are doing relative to our financial goals (numbers as of October 1st.).

Airbnb Open

Hosting on Airbnb for Fun and Profit

Housing takes a big bite out of our budget, 40% of our monthly spending on average. We live in a slightly expensive area; one might think of this as a problem, but we prefer to think of it as an opportunity. Expensive housing means that people want to be there. If housing costs are being driven up by an imbalance in supply and demand (or restrictive...

The Joy of Quitting: Brought to you by FU Money

We quit our jobs. We’re not pulling the plug on working or perusing early retirement even earlier (yet). We each decided it was a time for a change and to find jobs that would be more fun and fit into our lives better. This was one of those times that having FU money pays off well before being financially independent. It would be easy to find reasons why leaving well paying, secure, “prestigious”, etc etc. jobs isn’t...

September 2015 Expenses

September was filled with fun, exploration, and quality family time. What more can one ask for?! We were hosting family for the month and went camping along California’s Central Coast. It was the Little Man’s first time camping, and he fared well! It was a nice, affordable, and fun break from the daily routine. Having family over for most of September was helpful from a free childcare point...

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