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June 2016 Expenses

Summer is in full swing and the weather is still perfect here on the West coast – no humidity, no bugs, no surprise storms…why are we moving again? Anyway, it’s that time of the month again: how much money did we spend and where did it go? Here are some highlights from last month: We bought a new home RV and had associated extra fees: gas, DMV registration...

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That Time We Bought a New Home for $6,000

No, we’re not moving to Detroit, we bought a motorhome. Why? Well there’s a saying, “dress for the job you want”. Granted, the phrase was probably coined by someone trying to sell you clothes, but perhaps there’s merit to the thought. So, since we want to retire soon, we’re working on looking the part. As part of the retiree makeover, we bought an RV, a 1992 Winnebago Minnie Winnie to be specific. It’s a 24 ft Class C motorhome,...

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May 2016 Expenses

Wow, times flies: We’re half way through the year! We’ve gotten a bit behind on monitoring our expenses with everything going on in our lives, but I didn’t want to let this habit slip just yet. I finally sat down to take a look at how we did last month, and here are the highlights: Technically, we’re renters again. Our monthly housing expenses seem higher, but it works out...

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Cooking Under Pressure For Fun and Profit

For the last year, we’ve had a useful new tool in our food preparation arsenal: an electric pressure cooker. The pressure cooker has upped our food making game, increased the variety of delicious dishes we can make at home, and decreased the time we spend cooking. It even helps reduce our food bills (which some of you asked about), since we can rely on whatever ingredients are on sale at the time to reduce our use...

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We Sold our House

An unexpected series of events has offered us an opportunity, and we’ve decided to make the most of it, take the adventurous path, and figure out the rest as we go along. The upshot: we’ll probably be pulling the plug on work this fall; a couple years earlier than we were planning. To back up: we considered moving a few months ago and had a real estate firm evaluate our house. Employment changes made...

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April 2016 Expenses

Wow! It’s already May, and one third of 2016 is complete. We recently noticed  our expenses have been creeping up this year and April continued that trend with some one-time expenses. It has been a fun month; here’s a quick recap before we go into the specifics: Spent some time in a South Pacific Paridise Bought an electric bike to play with commute longer distances..only moderately impressed, expect a review soon Car tires had...

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Progress to Freedom 35: 2016 Q1 Update

Been too busy having fun to keep up with financial housekeeping (ok we got lazy), but catching up now with a belated post outlining where we stood financially at the end of March and how we were doing relative to our goals. We’re working on changes that might greatly affect these numbers, so it’s nice to capture this snapshot for posterity.

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Visiting The South Pacific and Bora Bora on the Cheap

Up until now, the closest we had been to seeing the The South Pacific was a revival of the 1940’s musical. That changed recently when we spent a blissful week among beautiful beaches, picture perfect palm trees, and unbelievably blue water. We were visiting the French Polynesian Islands for some luxurious rest and relaxation, arriving in Tahiti and quickly making our way to the islands of Moorea and...

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March 2016 Expenses

Continuing catching up with belated monthly expenses, a recap of March: Semi-annual property tax payments were due, making this a spendy month Lots of rain made yard work a bit unmanageable and we decided to take the opportunity to get some help catching up on the fruit trees, bushes, and shrubs Realized two days before Good Friday that we had forgot the Little Man’s daycare would be closed. We decided to try looking for a babysitter...

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February 2016 Expenses

It’s been quite the interesting few weeks at the Freedom35 household. As a result, I have been behind in some expense tracking and reporting.  Nevertheless, here is a quick recap of our spending in February: February brought some one-time large payments (auto and home insurance premiums) Started planning for a potential move and used the opportunity to go on a pantry purge and sell a lot unused...

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