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April 2016 Expenses

Wow! It’s already May, and one third of 2016 is complete. We recently noticed  our expenses have been creeping up this year and April continued that trend with some one-time expenses. It has been a fun month; here’s a quick recap before we go into the specifics: Spent some time in a South Pacific Paridise Bought an electric bike to play with commute longer distances..only moderately impressed, expect a review soon Car tires had...

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Progress to Freedom 35: 2016 Q1 Update

Been too busy having fun to keep up with financial housekeeping (ok we got lazy), but catching up now with a belated post outlining where we stood financially at the end of March and how we were doing relative to our goals. We’re working on changes that might greatly affect these numbers, so it’s nice to capture this snapshot for posterity.

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Visiting The South Pacific and Bora Bora on the Cheap

Up until now, the closest we had been to seeing the The South Pacific was a revival of the 1940’s musical. That changed recently when we spent a blissful week among beautiful beaches, picture perfect palm trees, and unbelievably blue water. We were visiting the French Polynesian Islands for some luxurious rest and relaxation, arriving in Tahiti and quickly making our way to the islands of Moorea and...

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March 2016 Expenses

Continuing catching up with belated monthly expenses, a recap of March: Semi-annual property tax payments were due, making this a spendy month Lots of rain made yard work a bit unmanageable and we decided to take the opportunity to get some help catching up on the fruit trees, bushes, and shrubs Realized two days before Good Friday that we had forgot the Little Man’s daycare would be closed. We decided to try looking for a babysitter...

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February 2016 Expenses

It’s been quite the interesting few weeks at the Freedom35 household. As a result, I have been behind in some expense tracking and reporting.  Nevertheless, here is a quick recap of our spending in February: February brought some one-time large payments (auto and home insurance premiums) Started planning for a potential move and used the opportunity to go on a pantry purge and sell a lot unused...

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On Being OK With Losing Your Job

It has been an interesting few weeks full of decision making and changes. Much like the experience the Mad Fientist wrote about, it started with an invitation from my boss to talk that left me knowing something was up, and similarly, it finished with the end of my sweet remote working gig. This is not a sad story about our early retirement plans being derailed. I’m currently...

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Getting Paid To Buy a House

Two years ago we bought a house for the first time. When the process was done, our real estate agency paid us nearly $3, 500. If we had done things slightly differently, we might have got almost twice that amount back. Buying a home can be expensive and daunting, but getting money back at the end makes it a bit sweeter. When someone sells their home with a real estate agent,...

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January 2016 Expenses

Happy 2016 everyone! It’s been a great start to the year for the Freedom35 family. Here is a quick recap of the first month of the year: It’s been one year since we started the blog. We’ve had a lot of fun writing, keeping our selves accountable, learning new things, and meeting like minded people. The Little Man celebrated his first birthday, which we used...

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Bringing up Baby: Year One Costs

How much does raising a child cost in the first year? Would you believe me if I said all the baby stuff you need for the first year doesn’t cost that much? We had no idea what expenses to expect as we started our child-rearing experiment, but being numbers and spreadsheet nerds, we documented everything along the way and can share our experience. Good news: there wasn’t that much expensive stuff to buy, less...

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Progress to Freedom 35: 2015 Annual Update

Year end round up time: I thought I’d compare our financial situation over the last two years and see if tracking our expenses publicly and in more detail made a difference in helping us level up our frugality and reach our goals.   Expenses Average Monthly Expenses Category 2014 2015 Housing $2,800  $2,300 Heir Care $0  $440 Travel $400  $420 Health & Fitness $330  $360 Groceries $300  $255 Utilities...

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